Monday, September 6, 2010

Patience still lives here

My book, The Pirate's Bastard, was originally planned to be released August 15. It's September 6, and I don't have a copy yet. Seems birthing a book is a lot like going on a sailing trip: you can plan to arrive on a certain date, but weather, tides, and mechanical malfunctions can alter an ETA. When announcing a cruise, it's a better thing to give a destination that a date.

I think I shall take that approach -- announcing a destination. My book is going to be released this month. So what's another few weeks, given the big picture? This book took me six years to research and write, then another four to find a publisher. I'm thrilled that Second Wind would see the merit in it. I'm tickled about the way the book has come together, with a fantastic cover. And I'm elated that The Pirate's Bastard is going to see the light of day this month.  In the remaining weeks until it arrives, I'm still tied to the docks, waiting patiently for my weather window.

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