Friday, February 8, 2013

Catching up with myself

Maybe it's the old newspaper reporter/editor in me, but I pride myself on making deadlines. Imagine my shock and dismay when I opened my OWN blog today to add a post and read that my last entry was back in October!

I could say there hasn't been much to report, but then I'd be lying. Well, as a writer of fiction, I guess I could be expected to lie ... a little. Truth is, I've been very busy. I finished out a wonderful semester of college teaching, and I landed a marketing communications position with a community college in Pennsylvania. Mind you, I'm in North Carolina. I knew that some day, this "virtual" work world would really, well, work out. It has finally happened, and I'm thrilled. I work remotely for HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College, on a part-time basis. This schedule leaves time for family, travel, and writing.

Speaking of which, I have two things in the works now. The first is a novel titled, Deceived. This is story I wrote years ago, but was warned off from seeking publishing because the it is based on a true story, only slightly fictionalized (you could say it's "Faction"). At the time I wrote it, I was warned that someone could get killed for it ... perhaps even me. I dug deep. I researched. I waited. And then, like all novelists do to a certain extent, I lied. I think enough time has passed, and I've rewritten it substantially, so it's now more fiction and less facts. It's being edited now. I'll keep you posted on its release date.

The second story is much less controversial. It's a true story about a young man who made a very difficult decision at the age of 16. After a car wreck mangled him and killed his stepfather, this young man told a surgeon to amputate his crushed and useless leg. What he did after that decision was life-altering and awe-inspiring. I don't think anyone will object to this story. In fact, I hope many will look at Justin Webb as the hero he is becoming. More to come!