Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Leaving Lukens made a List!

My novel, Leaving Lukens, made a reviewer's top ten list of best books read this year! I'm honored and humbled!

From New York Reviewer Fran Lewis
My picks for 2011: Here are my first ten picks for this year. I have read and finally tallied up over 500 books in two years. So, for those of us that do reviews for the joy of reading learning from others these are my first ten:

Stovepipe: Bonnie Virag
Signs of War: Gerard de Marigny
... A Quiet Vendetta: R.J. Roger Jon Ellory
Bad Signs: R.J. Ellory
Agent of Artifice :S Evan Townsend
Leaving Lukens : Laura Wharton
Red Hat Club: Haywood Smith
Silent Girl: Tess Gerritsen
Helpless soon to be released by Daniel Michael Palmer
Bone Rattler: Eliot Pattison
The 29 author J.M. Rob Richardson

YA books
The Calling of the Flute: Fran Orenstein
Kaptain Vamp;Joanne Lecuyer
just because I think they are great: A Fish Named Ed: Sam Oliver
Come Back to Me: Melissa Foster

Monday, December 12, 2011

Book Launch Party a Success by All Counts

I love parties, especially when they involve wonderful friends, incredible food, and my precious family. Yesterday's event was perfect on all counts. A steady stream of friends stopped by to visit and see my new book, Leaving Lukens, at Trio's - what a great place to hold an event! Chef Chris did a fantastic job, as always.

Thank you again to those of you who came - I realize this is a crazy time to come to one more event, but that's what makes the season special, right?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Interesting article in Wall Street Journal

It can be done. Says so, right here.

A self-published author of an e-book (no hard copy) wanted to test the waters with her work. Seems like the water was just fine for her. Surely there's a tip or two in here for the rest of us. Leaving Lukens is available for e-book readers as well as in paperback, and so far, the response from reviewers and readers alike is positive, wonderful "better than your first" kind of stuff.

Now, if you haven't finished all your Christmas shopping yet, I invite you to try out a low-cost option, and buy my e-book (Leaving Lukens) for your favorite person -- or yourself. I'd be happy to autograph a paperback copy, but if Kindle's your thing, go for it. Please, and Thank You. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Work in Progress: Mystery for Children

I love telling stories of all kinds. I especially love telling stories to my nine-year-old son. So when he asked me to write a book with him for children about children after Leaving Lukens was released, the wheels started turning. He helped me come up with traits for each character, developing each person's background, habits, reasons for acting, likes, fears, etc., until each character seems real enough to touch and talk to like a real child. I expected my son could have fun developing the storyline with me as we went along.

What I didn't expect was that these well-developed characters would "talk" so soon to me. They each have peculiarities we didn't plan, and yet they are as natural as a next door neighbor's kid can be. Putting enough twists and turns into a plot to keep the story interesting (without being too gimmicky) is fun for my son, too -- he's learning not to be too obvious so the clues can unfold one at a time.

I applaud his desire to help with the story, though I wonder if what I'm teaching him will come back to haunt me later when he's making up an alibi for staying out too late one night. I guess we all get to learn it somehow.