Monday, August 30, 2010

Proofing and formatting

With a rash of all nighters the likes of which I haven't seen since college days, I've reviewed the formatted copy of The Pirate's Bastard about six times in the last three days. It's starting to look like a book! The next step: another round of proofing a proof, then printing.

The Winston-Salem BookMarks Books Festival is coming up in two weeks, so there's a sense of urgency to get it done by then. What's more important to me is the upcoming NC Nautical History Council annual conference in New Bern at the end of September. I've been invited by the executive director, and you can bet I won't miss that opportunity to connect and present my book with like-minded history lovers! I'm praying the final, 100% accurate, done, and reader-ready version is available in advance so I can go bang on some doors in New Bern, tempting local businesses and historic sites into carrying it.

But it goes beyond this annual meeting: the following weekend in New Bern, Our State Magazine is having a conference/tour. If my books are scattered about town, I hope that will get me some notice. I plan to send a copy as soon as one is ready to Our State, hoping to get it in the October issue. I only hope I'm not too late!

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