Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Barnhill's for books, wine, and pottery?

Saturday's book signing at Winston-Salem's Barnhill's was fun...despite the cold temperatures. A few customers braved the cold to stop in and say hi, and taste a few of the many offerings in the wine department.

The best part of this past weekend's experience was to visit with Barbara and Bob Campbell, of The Wood 'n' Potter. He's the woodworker, she's the potter. They make lovely items perfect for Christmas gifts (or anytime), and they are delightful people.

That's Stacy in the apron -- in addition to pouring wine, she also is an author and does the cover layouts for books published by Second Wind Publishing. And here's Theas, manager extraordinaire (and budding actress). She'll greet you when you come to Barnhill's, and help you find the book you need to get you through these long, cold days (and nights):

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