Sunday, November 14, 2010

A little birdie told me ...

At my book signing in Elizabeth City at Page after Page, one of the lovely young sales people (who is also a writer-- imagine that) asked if I was on Twitter, and I am sure I had a deer-in-the-headlights look about me. So it's come to this, I thought. Ellie had to explain a bit more about what it is and how helpful it is to writers, and I've taken her word for it. I signed up for an account.

As I enter the world of tweeting on Twitter, I marvel at some of the tweets others post. From links to articles (done that) to not-so-stirring reports of what was for dinner, I'm wondering where the happy middle ground is. Twitter is supposed to be a fast way to communicate with others what's happening in a little corner of the world; but how much is too much?

My Dad told me that it was never a good idea to open the kimono too soon when I was younger. My natural tendency is to talk, talk, talk and tell, tell, tell. How boring that must be for anyone (everyone?) around me. Writing, then, is a great channeling mechanism for someone like me. His advice also forced me to become a better listener and observer. One never knows where the story will come from, after all.

Now Twitter is presenting another option. Tell all you want ... in 140 characters. What to tell is the question. I'll keep you posted on how I resolve exactly how far to open the kimono on Twitter.


  1. My biggest use of Twitter is to follow my favorite roving food truck vendor in DC — the one that flies in Maine lobsters daily for its lobster rolls! I haven't figured out the best use of Twitter either, but there are indeed some great "Twits" to follow out there.

  2. I'm learning too, Let, I truly don't think I'm using it to the best advantage, but what's an old gal to do? Not totally sure about blogging, either, but I'm having fun.

    Thanks for writing and for following me!