Saturday, July 10, 2010

Photos and book jackets

Robert Batey, professional photographer (trained architect, artist, and all-around good guy) has agreed to take my photo for the book's jacket! Here's his link: . We'll be snapping away next week. Robert and his family come to the Southern Highlands Craft Fair in Asheville twice a year to shoot artists' works. Their daughter is our son's age, and they get along famously. Seriously nice people.

The book's cover has been an interesting exercise in design, decisions, and pondering. Since many people judge a book by its cover, how does one make that ultimate decision of what it should look like? The designer with Second Wind Publishing has been most patient with me as I dither about this design draft or that (we're up to #9), but I think we're getting really close to perfect now. I'll post it as soon as the cover is ready.

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